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It so seems like this lazy blogger will be going to MEDICAL SCHOOL next year! I know, it truly is a tad exciting and it makes me even less worried about only getting a lousy 2:2 for my BSc! Pff, who cares about how poorly I did in this undergrad anyway. I don't know about you, but I for once am thrilled about something concerning my studies!

So, I have decided to convert this corner of the World Wide Web from norwegian to english so we can all see what is going on here. My uni-friends from Edinburgh seem to get ever so slightly suspicious when I mention their names here, and apparently google translate can't tell apples from bananas and vice verca... So here I am doing you all a big favour- I'm sure some will appreciate practicing their english subconsciously as well (that being my mother in particular; kom igjen mamma, du er flink!)

To celebrate our friendship, Vaishi and I go to places all the time. This time is no exception and we are embarking on a journey into the unknown (and as my father would call it- the unstable land of clever pickpocketers with a history longer than the river Nile). I say unknown because it *is* an 'iffy' trip and we are counting on figuring things out on the way (which reminds me that I forgot to print out yet another important document and will not be able to do this before I leave. Well that's some tough shit..)- which is fair enough; it should be fun! While I'm not the most spontaneous creature when it comes to travelling and like planning my trips thoroughly, I seem to lag behind this time, so I simply can't wait for the following situation to happen:

Should be interesting to see how we end up getting to the top of this thing...

We will do our best to update our trip progress depending on the density of internet cafes in the land of the unknown (i.e. Turkey if you have not found out by now). So you should start following us NOW and leave a comment every now and then for heavens sake!


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07.jun.2011 kl.07:37

GRATULERER :D :D :D Da hper jeg at jeg klarer komme og beske deg i Polen! Det er hovedmlet for reisen Thea og jeg hadde tenkt ta etter sommerferien, s kanskje jeg faktisk fr til f beskt deg n :)

Good tur :) Nr kommer du hjem? Gleder meg til updates <3

Vet du hva jeg akkurat fant ved vasken p kjkkenet?? En skogssnegle - en brun, ekkel, slimete en!!! **

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21, Sandefjord

Her blogger jeg om det jeg driver med i Edinburgh- om studiet jeg gr p (biomedisin), foto, matlaginig/baking, morsomme og interessante ting jeg vil dele og hverdagen min snn ellers.

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