Istanbul part 1: arrival!

So we arrived safely and soundly (almost a week ago but yea whatever, balls to us for actually enjoying our holiday!) and our entire stay has been very relaxing if nothing else. Met a girl sitting in front of us on the plane who also happened to be headed to the same place as where our couchsurfer lived (SCORE number 1).Cool girl tho, her name is Joyce. came to stay in İstanbul for a month in a rented flat. American. from Washington state. You know.. Twilight.. yeah!

We split a taxi with Joyce to Osmanbey but did not manage to get in touch with our couchsurfer by 2 in the morning....


So we decided to crash at Joyce's place for the night. (SCORE number 2). however without any keys to the flat and not being able to contact her flatmates by phone we were all three stranded outside her block fora loong time. A bit clueless at this point...

A man got off a taxi and went to the door opposite ''our'' block. I went up to him asking for a place nearby we could stay until the morning and after a short chat he invited us to his flat. (SCORE number 3). Cool guy/man. Tango teacher. Smokes like a chimney. Has a cat called Phantom. We used his internet to try contacting our respective ''people''. No luck. Tangoman even lets us stay and shows me around his flat. Very friendly. maybe a bit too much...

Joyce goes back down to ring the doorbell ( not taking her finger off the buzzer this time). Success! Patrice the flatmate looks out from the window and sees Joyce down on the street and Vaishi, myself and the tango teacher waving at her from the opposite flat on the other side of the road. '''' does not even cover this moment........

We move our stuff, Tangoman wishes us good luck and we settle in flat USA for the night. Just before bedtime, our host calls and says he slept through our calls and is very very sorry. Being far from fussed and realise that we are only human, we decide to meet the next day instead (final SCORE)

The next day we sleep for ages and flat USA joins Vaishi and I to see the Dolmabahe palace. There girls were great company. We had a fun time!

okay, not a great photo size-wise, but this is Kirsten. me, Vaishi and Joyce outside the palace

..and this is us with our host Sinan. Fun guy! Can you tell someone got sunburnt?

Now Im off to sleep for a few hours before catching a flight to Adıyaman!


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