Istanbul part 2: sights and lazy days

Apologies for not sticking with the trip timeline as we are now in Ankara and it is nearly been a week since we left Istanbul :p So Im going to keep this short and pictures will follow!

We spent the rest of our time in Istanbul seeing quite a few places AND we even had time to bum around. Time spent bumming around included tea, coffee, shisha, backgammon, scrabble and chess (!!!!HAHAHAHA chess is actually quite entertaining!) in various coffeehouses. We obvıously had the time to do this because our Cappadoccia trip got cancelled :(

We went to places like the Pierre Loti cafe in the town of Eyp which is on a hilltop and overlooks the golden horn, Ortaky- which is a very cool area with lots of shisha places and is right by the Bosphorus, browsed the archaeology museum and saw the first peace treaty in the world (Vaishi was very excited), Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and went on a day trip to one of the Princes islands (Bykada) on our final day. Sinan (our host) took us our for a meal one evening at a fish restaurant by the shore and I had my first full glass of Rakı! We returned the favour (however shabbily) by taking him to the cinema and watched the Hangover 2 (which was hilarious). Throughout our stay I was also constantly reminded by the lack of films I have watched in my lifetime as Vaishi and Sinan seem to have seen half of the collection that the world has to offer *sigh*

Well people, now we need to run and have breakfast at the buffet of our 5 star hotel in Ankara where we are spoiling ourselves to compensate for the epic fail that was our Cappadoccia tour reservation! Going to İzmir tonight where we cannot wait to DO LAUNDRY(!) and eat my grandma's homemade omnomnommmm...........


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