Istanbul part 3: snapshots

I finally managed to fuse the memory card with a laptop to provide the blog with some visual media..!

This is Vaishi eating pizza

This is Vaishi in Hagia Sophia

This is Jesus & Co feat. John the Baptist (Vaishi really likes his hair)

This is the view from the ferry to the town of Eyp

This is a rare sight of Vaishi carrying a handbag. It's fun to observe how she deals with these things...

This is Vaishi in Ortaky (one of my personal favourites- the location that is)

This is our version of chess.

...and this is multi-language-scrabble (including slang & abbreviations)

This is a grand example of how we spent our time bumming around!

And finally, this is a random princess we brought back from one of the princess islands :)


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