Adiyaman, Pirin caves and Mt. Nemrut!

We took the morning flight from Istanbul to Adiyaman (A-duhh-ya-mahn)- an airport consisting of a tin roof and a luggage belt. Just for the sake of mentioning, both Vaishi and I were baffled by the number of children on this flight. It was like every adult had two children following them or for every businessman there would be another mother with a baby AND two toddlers.... I am not even kidding.

..And for those of you who are familiar with the incident when a woman in pink touched Vaishi's hair when she was visiting me in Sandefjord, you might be amused to know that a similar thing happened when the slightly anxious preggo woman sitting next to us on the plane was trying to tell the time by searching for a watch on Vaishi's arm just after Vaishi woke up. I do wonder how these creepy people always find Vaishi wherever she goes..

My cousin had arranged for us to stay with a family for the night in Adiyman and the father came to pick us up. He drove us back to his home- a two-storey flat on top of a building overlooking the city (they were also very proud to have a nicer view of the mayor's garden than the mayor himself!)

We met the family members one by one- one of the daughters opened the door, then came another sister followed by the mother and we had breakfast altogether with an aunt who popped by and later the grandmother who also joined us eventually. There were a total of seven siblings, five of whom we actually met. After breakfast Vaishi had a nap and I chatted with the family. I was also introduced to the tastiest fruit I have ever had which seems to be the equivalent of THIS. Yummy!

In the afternoon the father, mother and sister#1 (Sibel) took us out for a drive to the Pirin caves where we saw the tombs of the wealthy people who lived in the Kommagene kingdom around 1000 BC. As we walked from the car up the hill to the caves, a random kid (probably 10 years old) came up to us and asked if we wanted to hear about the history of the place. I thought he was a little creepy to start with and was waiting for the moment when he would take out his swiss knife and blackmail us but instead he recited the details of the specific locations he pointed out and humbly said that he was practicing the information in english too, but unfortunately he had not memorised it all yet (!)

Sibel, the mother, Vaishi and I by the caves!

We were taken good care of, in fact their hospitality was excellent in every way. The father got a bit puzzled when Vaishi carefully put the icli kfte (fried croquets with beef mince) from her plate to mine when we had dinner, but I think he got over it after quite a while once I managed to explain the relationship hindus have with cows lying in the middle of the road in India...

Vaishi, me, uncle#1, the father, sister#1, sister #2, sister#3/half of twin set #2 at the dinner table.

We went to bed early that evening to prepare for the night-journey to mount Nemrut which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Watching the sunrise from the top is a popular attraction in itself and the family wanted to join us as none of them had been to the mountain before despite having spent most of their lives in Adiyaman! It is obviously a decent distance away from the city and they had hired a minibus for us all to go together. Sibel could not make it because she twisted her ankle when we went to the caves earlier that day so the parents and the youngest twins took us out on this trip along with the driver. Unfortunately it was really foggy so we were unable to see the actual sunrise but the trip was well worth it nevertheless!

The minibus drove up to a cafe at the bottom of the summit and we walked up the remainig trail of a couple of hundred metres. Notice how COLD it was at 4 in the morning!

Limestone sculptures of a few gods, eagles (not in the photo) and the king of the Kommagene kingdom

Brr. Cold. We are still undecided on how the statues ended up at the top of this mountain. Quite spectacular I have to say.

On the way back we went to see this roman bridge which is entirely supported by the stone as the only material. As you can see, Vaishi is very impressed.

And so we arrived back in the house in the early hours of the morning... after buying 20 kg of goat cheese from a farmers/shepherds in the mountain... as you do....! (very tasty though)

We slept for a bit and packed our stuff to catch a bus to another city called Malatya to catch our Ankara flight the next morning. 3 hours on the bus passed by quicked than I had imagined and crossing the mountains the scenery was beautiful. We stayed in an okay hotel, had a not-so-special dinner at a kebab house and finally came to the conclusion that Malatya is missing "something" which makes the city.... just.....dull. yeah. that is genuinely all I have to say about the place. Dull. Nice apricots though.

Next: Ankara and Hattusha!

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