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As you may know, Nigella is my culinary hero and just to make sure everyone is aware it's now official too:

Weehey! This brings me to my latest craving for something that tastes of sunshine rather than rainclouds, because now I've had enough of the latter of it and it's not funny anymore!

A few weeks ago I found the norwegian translation of Nigella Lawson's "Forever Summer" in a shop in town. With an immediate reminder coming to my mind that I had not cooked a proper meal for... lets say another two weeks, I grabbed the book and swiped my card completely ignoring the price and I carried it all the way home with pride. Well, I cycled, but anyway....

I did a skim-read from cover to cover and the biggest disappointment was that the majority of the recipes were more UK- than Norway-friendly in terms of.... you know, the price of fresh herbs, just to mention one thing..!

What surprised me the most however was the fact that I had never thought of the versatility of the redcurrants in our garden! All I tend to do is to grasp them off the bushes, soak them in water and serve with icing sugar or cream. I did try making jam on one occasion, only it turned out as ginormous failure. Then again I was ~10 years old and had just learned how to use a cooker.

A sorbet is one of the most refreshing treats and I personally love the raspberry flavour. Having tweaked Nigella's recipe a tiny bit I believe I am not far off what I consider YUM FOR THE MASSES!

Nigella uses the juice and zest of an orange and Cointreau (?) However I, lacking both of these at the time of making made the equivalent amount of "saft" (i.e. diluted fruit-concentrate-squash or whatever you brits call it) instead of the orange and a mixture of blueberry liquor and rum instead of Cointreau.

Lacking a kitchen scale I had to succumb to my middle school maths skills to work out how much sugar I needed per litre of redcurrants. Either my maths needs some working on or this sorbet was clearly supposed to be SUPER sweet. I will have to adjust the sugar content next time (i.e. next summer) because other than this minor point, every spoonful is excellent if I may say so myself!


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