Weddig day!

It's way past our bedtime, Sara is running around in her flat trying to sort out whatever final stuff she has to do while I am waiting for my toenails to dry. The presents are packed, cards signed, makeup application practiced and we even had homemade pizza for dinner while watching desperate housewives! Tomorrow (i.e. today) it's wedding time(!!) Being super excited and buzzing around like two busy bees around Sara's flat we did not manage to have an early night. Beauty sleep is clearly for the weak.

When it comes to the weather, the amount of rain that poured down today got us worried about tomorrow. The forecast seems to be on our side though, and we are expecting 21 degrees(C) and patchy clouds. This means I am more worried about melting away than getting soaked! weehey!

So I guess I should take this face mask off and head to bed for a few hours before our appointment at the hairdresser at 9 in the morning. Goodnight!

Bride&Groom-to-be :)



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06.aug.2011 kl.02:37

S kjempe fint bilde! =)


06.aug.2011 kl.06:43

Ah, jeg gleder meg!

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