Saturday 6th of August: part I

Stian and Victoria got married at last! It was a beautiful day- warm but not boiling, rain-free and full of fun moments! Everything went more or less according to what had been planned, though there was also moderate levels of stress... as I suppose is required on a day like this!

At the hairdresser's where us bridesmaids were getting ready, a number of broken zips became an issue only minutes before the ceremony! We were supposed to hand out rice pouches and the church programmes to the guests before entering church. While I was trying to fix Sara's dress the hairdresser ran out on the street asking random men with cars for "a favour"- to drive us two blocks down the road to the church so we would not have to run and rip up our dresses even further. I have no idea how she managed this but she found a very humbe polish man who was more than happy to drive us down. I kept thanking him a million times and before I knew it I was out of the car waving goodbye to the nice man and was met by bridesmaid #3 Cicilie, the church-boy who was wondering where the heck we'd been and this little fella:

Photographer: Anette Sahlsten

Luckily, Victoria was late too (as brides are obliged to be) and came in to the churchyard with her dad in his vintage Buick looking stunning and ready to rock the aisle ;-) From this point onwards, the day could not have been more successful. I didn't take any photos myself so have stolen the first photos I have come across from Victoria's blog and Marrydith's album. Will sum up the day further in a another post and add more photos as they get available..!

Joakim, me, Sara Linn & Ethel (Victoria's mum) waiting for the bride and groom to arrive at the reception

Me and Marrydith in the pavillion :)

Posers <3


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12.aug.2011 kl.14:12

hihi, jeg er ogs ute tyver bilder...!

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