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I had laid out the ingredients needed to bake a batch of crispbread inspired from my friend Vera's mum's creations that I tasted when I visited their summerhouse in Stavern (a ghost-town in winter wich turns into some people's definition of paradise during summer). They looked alright though very artsy in a basket covered with a kitchen towel. We were laying the table outside for a rather elaborate seafood dinner when I found this basket and Vera insisted I should try one. Needless to say I would have eaten it all had I been left alone in the kitchen for more than five minutes... Thank heavens this was just before dinner time!

Vera quickly revealed the recipe to me and It turned out I had all the ingredients available at home except the pumpkin seeds which I eventually got and put next to the pile of seed- and flour packets on the kitchen bench. Somehow I didn't get around to bake until today and it was a long awaited affair which ended up with excellent results!

They contain sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, oatmeal, rye flour, salt, sugar, water and are both crispy and chewy in some places at the same time! Tastes delicious and are (so they say) SUPER HEALTHY! Next time I am going to add dried fruits such as raisins/currants or apricots. Or even figs... Or maybe not- its not like I'm making fruit loaf here. Going a bit bananas I see (pun not intended?!???!!!)

In any case I don't think a recipe is necessary for this- trying out different types of seeds and altering the ratios slightly seems to me like a good idea to make the crispbread unique every time.

Someone's looking forward to breakfast in the morning...!


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