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So the last time I made a courgette-cake I was in such a rush to finish cooking it before bringing it over to the other side of the meadows, the icing melted through the layers and the whole thing turned into one of those stamp-sponges you find at the post office. Nice and squishyt! Courgettes really does 'moisturise' the texture, and I truly did enjoy this cake despite the soggy icing. I was hoping to give it another try but when looking for the recipe at BBCgoodfood yesterday I came across another courgette cake.

This time I was a tad more patient and both the cake and icing hiked up to my expectations! The recipe stated toasted hazelnuts which I exchanged with walnuts which is my mum's favourite. She loved it, though I would have preferred the cake without any nuts at all. I'd bought half the amount of chocolate I needed for the icing, so adding cocoa powder and icing sugar to make up for the missing choclate was an adequate solution and I have to say that the consistency of the icing is now perfect- with a slight dripping tendency at the edges it completely covered the cake and the double cream is what must have added some extra shine to it as well. I topped it all with some shredded coconut and we enjoyed it with our afternoon tea while trying to ignore the 716 calories we were munching

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30.aug.2011 kl.00:26

Ser ut som om den schmacker goth!


30.aug.2011 kl.17:49

NAM! Den s diiigg ut! Jeg prve btw en ddsgod firklverkake p sndag - herrliiig! N regner det her og jeg skulle nske at du var i Bergen og at vi kunne bake og drikke kakao... <3 <3

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